Title 1 Parents

Power Partner's is a group of parents, family members and staff who work together to improve the school through fundraising efforts, community building activities, and more. We encourage all parents and guardians to participate. Attendance at meetings and/or volunteering at school events counts towards families’ required 10 hours of service to the school. We meet monthly and hold activities and workshops throughout the year.

Dear Parent Advisory Council Member,

Our “Power Partners meeting will be held on (The 3rd Wednesday) at (2:40 pm) in the Parent Center.

Please plan on joining us! Random prizes will be presented at each meeting.  Every meeting gives you a chance to ask questions, make suggestions, meet and talk with other parents and hear important information about what is happening ECDC School & in our community.

This month’s agenda: Parent Fundraisers, Movie Night, and Literacy Night.

We look forward to a wonderful school year.  If you have any questions, want to get involved, or see what academic programming is available at our school, or in the community, please contact me at (emaddox@camden.k2.nj.us or 8569664171 EXT 64438) or visit our Parent Room (189). 

We need you–we always welcome new faces and new ideas!

Kind regards,

Ms. Parr- Pre-K Teacher

Ms. Elser- PreK Teacher

Ebony Maddox-Family Operations Coordinator

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