Parent Center

Ms. Barbara Parker
Community School Coordinator
1602 Pine Street
Camden, NJ 08103

District Parent Center
Pyne Poynt Trailers
TCU #3
800 Erie Street
Camden, NJ 08102
Voice: 856-966-4444
Fax: 856-614-7648

Mrs. Deborah Polk, Supervisor
Grants Management and Development
Office: (856) 966-2000 Ext. 38414
Parent Center Staff
Ms. Lisa Jenkins
District Parent Coordinator
District Parent Advisory Council
Ms. Marilyn Torres
District Parent Coordinator
Bilingual District Parent Advisory Council
Betzaida Martinez
Parent Center Clerk
(856) 966-4444
The Camden City School’s District Parent Center houses the Bilingual District Parent Council and District Parent Advisory Council. The Center provides inservices, workshops, parenting classes, computer classes, Spanish classes, parent volunteers and parent referrals. The District Parent Center also serves as a resource center and a parental support system to all parents of Camden City promoting parental involvement in our educational system.For information, please contact: Ms. Marilyn Torres, Bilingual District Parent Advisory Council, at (856) 966-4445, and Ms. Lisa Jenkins, District Parent Advisory Council at (856) 966-4443.