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Today in our PD we were given a genre and solution song and we had to perform it to everyone. this is what we got....lol. our genre was "pop" like brittney spears. enjoy!


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Making MeatballsMaking Meatballs 1

At the end of our Ball Study, our class made meatballs. We each got our own plate and rolled the meat into balls. We cooked them in the electric skillet and tasted them when they were finished. We shared them with our parents. It was a fun day in room 154

Uploaded a year ago by Linda Rizzo

Frosty the SnowmanFrosty the Snowman video

Our class made a music video for you to enjoy at the Holiday show and all year long.

Uploaded 2 years ago by Linda Rizzo

Room 154 SingersRoom 154 singers

Caught them singing.

Uploaded 2 years ago by Linda Rizzo

2016 Music/Dance Video2016 Music/Dance Video

Our class loves to dance so much that we decided to make our very own music video. We shared the video with our family and friends during our moving up celebration. Hope you enjoy!

Uploaded 11 months ago by Linda Rizzo

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